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Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg
17 Cte dEich - BP 884
L-2018 Luxembourg

A Luxembourg-domiciled socit anonyme (limited company)
registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Registry under number B 31730
Social Security reference: 1989 2204 007 99, VAT: LU 1424 8585

Supervisory authority: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF<.abbr>)
110, route dArlon, L-2991 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 26 25 12 34
Fax: (+352) 26 25 16 01


Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg

Purpose of the website

The aim of this website is to present Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg and its activities. It should not be considered as an establishment in its own right or as a presentation of our services outside of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Any individual residing in a country in which they do not have a right, for any reason, related for example to their nationality or place of residence, to consult the websites of foreign banks must refrain from consulting this website. Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg assumes no responsibility with regard to such individuals and invites all users, before they log on to this website, to check that there are no rules barring them from access to it or restricting the availability of this website by Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present website and any relationships and transactions conducted through it are subject to Luxembourg law and, in particular, the Luxembourg law of 14 August 2000 relative to electronic commerce. Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg undertakes to comply with the laws and rules of Luxembourg governing the operation of websites. Any disputes arising with regard to the present website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Luxembourg. Any claims can nevertheless be made to the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission. All access to the present website shall be considered to have taken place directly at the headquarters of Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg, on the date and time indicated on the host server, which shall be solely validated using Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg's log of connections.

Accessing and using the website

This website is for information purposes and is addressed to both clients and non-clients of Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg. The products and services presented on the website are nevertheless strictly reserved for clients that hold an account with Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg and that have formally agreed to the conditions for accessing and using the internet services. Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg's tariffs are applicable to these services.

We would stress that confidentiality is not guaranteed on the internet and it is therefore the responsibility of each user to take all necessary measures to protect their own data and/or software applications from potential viruses circulating on the internet.

Website content

The information published on this website should be considered "commercial communication" within the meaning of the law of 14 August 2000 on electronic commerce. It shall be understood that all users accessing this website have agreed in advance that Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg may send them marketing material of any kind via this website or via e-mail.

This website contains information that has been made available by external companies or links to other websites that have not been developed by Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg.

The presence of a link from the Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg website to another website shall under no circumstances be construed as an agreement or a guarantee with regard to the content or operator of such other websites.

The financial and economic information published on the website is provided purely for information purposes and shall under no circumstances be construed as an offer of products or a recommendation or solicitation to an investment. This information should be used with utmost caution. Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg offers no guarantee as to the accuracy, reliability, relevance and integrity of this information.

The sub-funds of the Euromutuel fund are incorporated in Luxembourg.

Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg reserves the right to modify the content of the website or to make it inaccessible should it see fit to do so.

Hypertext links

The express agreement of Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg must be sought before creating hypertext links to this website.

Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg shall under no circumstances be liable for any hypertext links created from this website to other websites.

Personal information and cookies

Visitors to the website are informed that Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg can collect personal information concerning them for the purpose of automated processing. Moreover, during access to this website, information may be temporarily stored in memories or recorded on IT hardware to facilitate navigation to the website (cookies). Website visitors authorise Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg to proceed in this manner.

The website visitors may exercise their right to access and amend all of the information concerning them in accordance with the law of 2 August 2002 governing the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data by writing to Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg at the address indicated above.


Any reproduction or representation, in full or in part, of the pages, data or any other element of this website, by any means whatsoever, without the express agreement of Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg shall constitute an infringement.


Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg shall not be held liable in the event that one of its clients becomes a victim of phishing through which confidential information related to the client's bank account(s), such as account number(s) or access code(s), has been accessed by another party.

Clients must exercise extreme caution with regard to e-mails they may receive from third parties claiming to act for Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg and containing, among other things, hypertext links or asking them to communicate access codes. Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg shall not be held responsible for damages to the client in this regard.


Access to the website is subject to a fee (€3.45 per month, inclusive of tax) that is separate from internet access costs (access supplier and telephone communication), which shall be billed directly by the relevant operators.