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Banque Transatlantique in Luxembourg

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Eugne Pereire created Banque Transatlantique in 1881. Originally a merchant bank highly invested in financing large industrial and urban projects, Banque Transatlantique gradually opened up to individual clients. It became a fully fledged deposit bank after it was acquired by CIC.

Our bank

Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg is a bank governed by Luxembourg law, founded in 1989 by Crdit Mutuel.


Board of Directors:

  • Alain Delserieys (Chairman)
  • Didier Huard (Managing Director)
  • Bruno Julien Laferrire
  • Hubert Veltz
  • Michel de Villenfagne
  • Philippe-Jean Pron
  • Jean-Claude Groeber
  • Valrie Lecacheux